Flex Wipes Disinfectant Wipes, 1 Canister 75 wipes 7 X 8"

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FLEXWIPES Disinfectant wipes are a heavy duty disinfectant cleaner that cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one labor-saving step. Cost effective 75 ct. of durable 7" x 8" wipes designed to disinfect and clean most surfaces. EPA registered to kill over 40 pathogens. FLEX WIPES are produced in the USA using the highest quality components to deliver best-in-class performance. Our advanced formula is bleach and phenol free making it safe for all gym equipment.

Kills the Coronavirus by virtue of killing the Norovirus! 

  • Starts killing bacteria on contact
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds
  • Kills the Coronavirus by virtue of killing the Norovirus
  • Kills MRSA, E. coli, Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C, Herpes, Influenza and more...
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Proven "one-step" disinfectant-cleaner which is effective in the presence of 5% serum (bodily fluids) contamination.

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